Kahi Kai ® Images is a marine related image database founded by marine developmental biologist and photographers Aldine Amiel and Eric Roettinger that features unique portraits of marine sea creatures as well as a large variety of editorial images that reflect life in, on or near the oceans. Observing and photographing sea creatures and ocean related topics for scientific, outreach, educational and editorial purposes is of particular interest for Kahi Kai ® Images. All represented animals have been handled carefully for the purpose of the portrait and released in their original habitats right after the photo session.

The images displayed on this website are copyrighted and their use is not free. If you are an educator and would like to use one of our images, please contact us

100% of the proceeds of this website are used by the non profit organization Kahi Kai ® ("one ocean" in traditional hawaiian) that promotes our ocean legacy to the next generations. Kahi Kai ® is an online community designed to connect the oceans of the world by promoting communication and interaction between students, scientists, artists, journalists, politicians, fishermen, divers, surfers and everyone who is interested and committed to the fascinating, mysterious and endagered marine world.

Kahi Kai ® is involved in various global educational and scientific projects. Promoting the knowledge and the conscience of our ocean legacy to the public, the politicians and deciders in order to make each of us aware of the culture of the oceans and appeal to our responsibility to preserve the threatened marine world. For the past two 1/2 years we joined TARA Oceans, a unique study of marine life on a planetary scale, to image planktonic and coral reef biodiversity. More info can be found on the official TARA expedition website www.taraexpedition.org

In the past few years Kahi Kai ® Images have been used for advertising campaigns or to illustrate covers and articles of books, journals and websites (see examples below).  


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Aldine Amiel - Marine Biologist (PhD) and Photographer


Aldine grew up in the southern part of the french Alps. She was always passionated about nature and early during childhood, photography allowed her to discover the world with a different eye. She has a keen interest in discovering new horizons, cultures and also spending long hours by herself in the nature. After her PhD in Biology, during which she got immersed to the fascinating marine life and started portraying sea creatures of the Mediterranean Sea, she moved to Hawaii for her job. In 2008, she became one of the co-founder and photographer of the non-profit organization Kahi Kai (www.kahikai.org). Her passion for photography and science pushes her everyday to discover nature with a different perspective. Aldine's main interest in photography is the fascinating aquatic and terrestrial wildlife as well as landscape photography and she uses this art to bring nature closer to the public in order to appeal to their responsibility to preserve the highly fascinating and endangered biodiversity. See Aldine's profile on KahiKai.org




Eric Roettinger - Marine Biologist (PhD) and Photographer


Eric grew up in Munich, Germany, where he taught himself photography in his teenage years. After college, he moved to the southern part of France to live close to the ocean and study Marine Sciences. His close relationship to the water as a professional swimmer and freediver and his passion for the oceans inspired him to bring his photo gear below the water surface and image the rarely perceived beauty and untamable energy of the oceans. Eventually Eric moved to Hawai'i to work at the Kewalo Marine Laboratory and co-found the non-profit organization Kahi Kai (meaning "one ocean" in Hawaiian, www.kahikai.org) that combines photography and science to promote marine biodiversity and raise awareness about the fragility of our oceans. During the 2 1/2 year TARA expedition across the oceans, Eric was responsible for the macrophotography platform onboard TARA. Some of hiss personal ocean related images have been exhibited in Munich (Ger), Hamburg (Ger), Cannes (Fra), Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) and have illustrated journal covers, articles, websites and blogs. See Eric's profile on KahiKai.org





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